Unemployment Extension in Texas


Texas residents who are experiencing unemployment may be eligible for unemployment insurance (UI). Texas unemployment insurance is a state program that provides financial assistance for Texans that have been temporarily displaced from the workforce. Unemployment benefits are granted once each week for no more than 26 weeks for a claim.

To be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits in Texas, the petitioner must be able and available to work full-time, among other eligibility requirements. If granted EDD unemployment coverage, the claimant will receive a weekly benefit that is determined by his or her wages before becoming unemployed. The unemployment claim must be certified by the claimant every 2 weeks in order to receive payment.

An application for Texas unemployment insurance benefits can be completed over the phone or online. In special circumstances, the applicant may be required to complete the application over the phone. In any case, the petitioner will need to have information about their last employer including the wages and hours worked. Unemployment insurance applications will be processed in about 4 weeks.

After unemployment insurance is granted, the claimant is responsible for keeping a detailed log of his or her job search. To receive unemployment benefits each week on a timely basis, searching for reemployment is mandatory. Failure to meet job search requirements will result in delay or denial of payment.

Unemployment insurance benefits in Texas are not granted to every applicant. Once it is determined that an applicant is not eligible for unemployment insurance, the applicant reserves the right to file an appeal.

Unemployment insurance coverage may be extended when state unemployment is at an unusual high. Depending on the economic climate, an unemployment extension can add up to 67 additional weeks of benefits. However, weekly benefit amounts will likely decrease every few weeks. There is currently no extended unemployment insurance coverage available in Texas, though it may become available in the future.

Eligibility for Unemployment in Texas

The Texas Workforce Commission determines who qualifies for unemployment in Texas by establishing eligibility guidelines. Unemployment insurance eligibility is contingent on the applicant’s past wages and reason for unemployment. To retain eligibility for EDD in Texas, the applicant also must meet continuing eligibility requirements.

How to Apply for Unemployment in Texas

The question, “How can I sign up for unemployment?” has a much simpler answer than what many Americans may think. To be eligible to file for an unemployment claim in TX, the petitioner must be unemployed in the state of Texas.

Petitioners looking to apply for unemployment benefits in TX may do so by phone or online. Both methods have functionalities that allow the petitioner to review the application at will until a decision has been made. During the unemployment EDD application, the petitioner will also get to choose the method of payment that benefits are given each week.

Unemployment Benefits Coverage and Duration

Learning how to claim unemployment benefits in TX once the claim is processed is a similar process to applying. Every 2 weeks, the claimant will be required to certify for benefits in order to receive them. Certification of an unemployment benefits claim may be done online or over the phone.
After the application for an unemployment benefits claim is completed, the claimant will receive a weekly payment of benefits. The weekly benefit amount that the claimant is entitled to is subject to changes if the claimant does not meet continuing eligibility requirements.

Benefits are granted to beneficiaries for up to 26 weeks, with the exception of times when the unemployment rises above 6 percent. When the state or national unemployment reaches an unusual high, an unemployment benefits extension may be granted.

Denial of Unemployment Benefits in Texas

In some cases, applicants may be denied unemployment benefits in Texas. There may be several reasons why an applicant has his or her unemployment benefits denied, some of the most common being:

  • The applicant quit for personal reasons
  • The applicant was fired due to misconduct
  • The applicant was fired or had hours reduced due to a labor strike
  • A petitioner already receiving benefits refused a reasonable job offer while receiving benefits
  • The applicant receives Worker’s Compensation, a retirement pension, or a severance pay

If a petitioner believes that he or she has been wrongly denied unemployment, he or she reserves the right to appeal the claim.

Unemployment Extensions in Texas

Claimants are allowed an unemployment benefits extension in Texas during times of high unemployment. The claim is automatically resubmitted for an unemployment compensation extension after the claimant’s initial benefits have been exhausted. Continued eligibility under both state and federal unemployment extension programs have stricter guidelines than necessary for the initial claim. There are currently no unemployment extensions available in the state of Texas. However, unemployment benefits claimants will be notified of an unemployment compensation extension as they become available in the future.