Explore Careers and Education with Texas Career Check


Texas Career Check is a program provided by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) for Texas residents looking for career placement and school enrollment information. Texas Career Check is an invaluable resource for Texans who are unemployed or looking to go back to school to learn new career skills. Exploring career and education options with Texas Career Check is a great way to thoroughly research the opportunities available and make an informed decision about a desired career path. Exploring Careers Using Texas Career Check As far as job searches are concerned, Texas Career Check gives extensive information about the job market in Texas.

Information pertaining to average career salaries in Texasregions, career trends, and career comparisons are all available.Texas Career Check provides detailed information about a career, in Texas including a description, average annual wages, employment rate, minimum education level, a description of job tasks, and the overall outlook of the job in Texas. This function is especially useful for Texans receiving unemployment insurance, as they are required to search for and accept a job within their skill and education level.

Unemployment insurance beneficiaries in Texas may be expected to accept a job offer that is not their pay preference if it is a reasonable job. Unemployment insurance eligibility defines a reasonable job as a job that is within the range of the average salary for that position in Texas. By reviewing information for the desired career on Texas Career Check, an unemployment beneficiary has the advantage of knowing what job wages are considered acceptable. Texas Career Check also provides information on projected openings in Texas for careers in the future. For Texans who are considering a career in a particular field, this functionality can help job searchers predict how many openings will be available in Texas the area in the future. This feature is particularly helpful to those who are interested in attending school to learn a trade or skill. Career Comparison is another feature offered by Texas Career Check. This function allows the user to pick two 2 occupations, and then compares the careers using several criteria. This feature compares required education level, average salary and hourly wages, growth rate in both Texas and the United States, predicted job openings, skill requirements, and knowledge requirements.

Texas Career Check also provides extension information on military positions. This resource may be of immense help for Texans interested in a military career because it lists all possible military occupations as well as the opportunities in each branch of the United States Armed Forces. This option provides further detail into each career, giving information about skills and education needed, what to expect in the work environment, and what training is provided. Exploring Education Using Texas Career Check Similar to the Career Check functionalities, Education Career Check allows a user to review information about colleges, community colleges, and technical colleges in the United States. This option allows Texans interested in higher education to thoroughly research the best school to help them achieve their goals. Education Career Check provides information about a school’s campus location and size, which programs are offered, the student to faculty ratio, information about computer labs and libraries in the school, the admission process, athletics, scholarships, enrollment, tuition, and organizations at the school.

To simplify the research process, users can choose a program of study and its associated careers. Each career will provide extension extensive information about the occupation, much like that of the Career Check option. Education Career Check also has the option of comparing schools by tuition, application requirements, location, athletics, demographics, and academic information. This option is perfect for future students trying to make a decision on which school would be the best for their goals.